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Interested in being a Pet Partner® Team?

ABLEPaws helps others to become Pet Partner® teams by sponsoring Pet Partner® Handler Workshops and Pet Partner® Evaluations three times a calendar year. We also offer Paws n’ Practice sessions prior to an evaluation so hopeful teams can judge if they are ready to take the final test.
Step One:
Pet Partner® Handler Workshop
Take the Pet Partner® Handler Workshop either in class or online. This one full day course is for the Handler only (without your animal). Find out more HERE.
Step Two: Paws n’ Practice
Participate in a Paws n’ Practice (optional). This is an opportunity to reserve a time slot to work with experienced handlers to practice many of the skills you’ll need in order to pass the evaluation. This Paws n’ Practice is done with you and your animal. Find out more HERE.
Step Three: Pet Partner® Evaluation
This is when you and your animal will go through designated exercises with a Pet Partner® evaluator and a team of volunteers. After successfully passing the Evaluation the final step is to submit your Evaluation results and completed application form to Pet Partners®. They will then email your official registration letter and send a badge. Find out more HERE.

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